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  • How to Make a Kandi Surgical Mask

    2012 - 09.15

    How to Make a Kandi Surgical Mask

    Tags: Kandi, Mask, Surgical

    25 Responses to “How to Make a Kandi Surgical Mask”

    1. xXJuggaloWolfXx says:

      I’m sorry but this video wasn’t that helpful you said in the beginning to do 21 but it was 31 with 11 rows, later when you got to layering up you didn’t give a good example, please keep in mind allot of people doing this for the first time will need a better example

    2. loserlibeth13 says:

      Do you think you can post the link to the picture tutorial? pleasee? :]

    3. BRAINSorBRAINS says:

      lordy I have not done a peyote in ages .

    4. StrawberrySoda11 says:

      both, I think

    5. Nate Zanger says:

      what string do you suggest ???? for a surgeon mask???

    6. Nate Zanger says:

      what string do you suggest ???? for a surgeon mask???

    7. Roxy Phillips says:

      i love kandi… i wear tons. your very descriptive. the only problem is, i used a good amount of string longer than arms length and it wasn’t long enough…….. i kept having to add on more.

    8. iikookiemonstarr says:

      You wear alot of kandi .. How old are you ?

    9. xxaoibhiexx says:

      I understood until The diagonal part :L

    10. avenged7x4lyfe says:

      much appreciation, this really helped

    11. squirrel648 says:

      Anybody else check their Facebook?

    12. zackariahhhamze says:

      Thank you so much for this, im new to kandi but im definitely trying to get into it. This helped a lot. one love! <3

    13. TheDarkanimeangel123 says:

      when you say arms length, do you mean one arm or both?

    14. HaleyWolfy says:

      i cant keep it pulled together! it tie and then it seperated and doesnt stay together no matter what

    15. xXXxEmoPanda16xXXx says:

      Do you have to use fishing line?

    16. Matt Amonster says:

      i can make kandi bracelets but thats about it :/

    17. dddddfamily says:

      I wanted to make this but I didn’t have enough beads to make a pattern so I just was all like “RAWR!!!!!” And then I was all like ” Never mind Imma just do random beads all over the place!”

    18. hollywoodundeadfable says:

      wait at the eggininng do you mean 21 beads all together or 21 sets of 3 beads?

    19. Kandixxxx says:

      I love your nails. And thanks such a good video. It really helped

    20. MargeretLuvsU13 says:

      Helped me a lot thanks :)

    21. santanaanaya says:

      Hey will you please p.m me please

    22. wannabfrog says:

      You need to learn to explain a lot better. Worst video to follow.

    23. SSGR33NGAME says:

      really wish i didnt have to rewind and fast forward a thousand times to understand what youre even doing

    24. Taylor Greer says:

      lost at the skip up part

    25. Jessica Apen says:

      Lost me at 11 minutes…..

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